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IMVU Cheats

IMVU is an online game which was developed in 2004 year. The game has over 3 million players and there are a lot of options that offers the game. You can create 3D avatars to meet real people , play with them or chat. You can use the following cheats in IMVU online game:

*use 90-turns you into packman! take it off with *use 80 to be a female or *use 191 to be a male
*use 15-13 does weird things to your avatar may not work all the time
*use 12-Purple t shirt with a pooch on it.shows as unknown
*use 2000- turns into treasure chest
*use 173-Cargo shorties santorini
*use 164-Baby T pink pooch
*use 163-Baby T black estupido
*use 162-Marla Brunette
*use 161-Marla blond
*use 160-Marla amber
*use 159-Marla black
*use 158-Liz eyes
*use 291-pericolo pants kitty
*use 290-pericolo pants harley
*use 289-Pericolo pants chase
*use 288-trip long cargoes
*use 287-‘Nilla long cargoes
*use286-Drab long cargoes
*use 285-Buhrown long cargoes
*use 238-Daisy oxford peppermint
*use 172-Cargo shorties mykonos
*use 171-Cargo shorties drab
*use 170-Cargo shorties crete
*use 169-Cargo shorties camo frog
*use 168-Cargo shorties blue plaid
*use 167-Baby T IMVU
*use 166-Baby T sky splash
*use 236-Daisy oxford grass
*use 235-Daisy oxford Chocolate
*use 234-Hip huggiz raysa
*use 233-Hip huggiz flash
*use 232-Hip huggiz denim
*use 231-Runniz troy
*use 230-Runniz minoa
*use 229-Runniz babel
*use 228-Runniz atlantis
*use 227-Daisy oxford spring