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Mortal Kombat X Cheats PC

Mortal Kombat X was released several days ago and already became very popular. This game has just awesome graphics and very nice gameplay. If you already installed you and want to unlock special characters or just get some information about Fatalities, you are at the right page.  The complete list of Mortal Kombat X Cheats and Unlockables for PC is below.

You can unlock special skins if you follow the instructions below.

  • Revenant Sub Zero – To unlock this skin, you must Clear all 10 “Test Your Might” stages.
  • Shadow Kung Jin – To unlock this skin, you must Clear the Klassic tower.
  • Johnny Cage Tournament Skin – Clear the Normal tower to unlock this skin.

As you know, each character in Mortal Kombat X has a super power – Fatality.  In order to make it, you have to press the following buttons.

Cassie Cage

  • Bubble Head (Mid) – Fwd, Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square
  • Selfie (Close) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle


  • Bug Me (Mid) – Bk, Fwd, Bk, X
  • Heart Broken (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle


  • Inner Workings (Mid) – Dn, Up, Bk, Square
  • Head Out (Mid) – Fwd, Dn, Dn, Up

Erron Black

  • Sandstorm (Mid) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Dn, Square
  • Six-Shooter (Far) – Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle

Ferra / Torr

  • Better Than One (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, X
  • Play Time (Mid) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Bk


  • Peek-A-Boo (Close) – Bck, Fwd, Dn, Circle
  • Shokan Amputation (Close) – Bck, Dn, Dn, Up

Jacqui Briggs

  • Blown Out (Close) – Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
  • Fist Pump (Close) – Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle


  • T-Wrecks (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Dn, Triangle
  • Jack the Ribber (Close) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Fwd

Johnny Cage

  • Here’s Johnny (Close) – Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Square
  • Little Improv (Mid) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Fwd


  • Head Case (Close) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, X
  • Knife toMeet You (Far) – Dn, Dn, Fwd, Square


  • Tele-Copter (Far) – Bk, Fwd, Bk, Bk
  • My Puppet (Far) – Fwd, Dn, Bk, Up


  • DarkFan-tasy (Mid) – Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
  • Splitting Hairs (Mid) – Bk, Fwd, Dn, Dn

Khotal Khan

  • Be Mine (Close) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square
  • Tight Squeeze (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Triangle

Kung Jin

  • Target Practice (Close) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Triangle
  • Pinned Down (Mid) – Fwd, Bk, Dn, Dn, Square

Kung Lao

  • Face Grind (Close) – Dn, Bk, Dn, Fwd, Circle
  • Flower Pot (Close) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Square

Liu Kang

  • Sore Throat (Close) – Dn, Dn, Fwd, Bk, Bk
  • Splitter (Close) – Bk, Fwd, Dn, Up


  • Face Feast (Close) – Dn, Bk, Dn, Bk, X
  • Tasty Treat (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Triangle

Quan Chi

  • Mid Game (Far) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Circle
  • Both Ends (Close) – Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle


  • Bug Eyes (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Square
  • Conducting Rod (Far) – Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Circle


  • Bad Breath (Far) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Fwd, Circle
  • Acid Bath (Close) – Dn, Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square


  • Stop Ahead (Mid) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
  • Who’s Next? (Mid) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Up


  • The Grinder (Mid) – Dn, Bk, Fwd, Dn, Up
  • Flick Trick (Mid) – Dn, Up+R2, Dn, Up+R2

Sonya Blade

  • Target Marked (Close) – Dn, Dn, Bk, Fwd, R2
  • Head Hunter (Close) – Fwd, Bk, Dn, Bk, Triangle


  • Chest Kold (Close) – Bk, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle
  • Bed of Ice (Close) – Dn, Bk, Dn, Fwd, Circle


  • Whip It Good (Mid) – Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Triangle
  • Head Cage (Mid) – Fwd, Bk, Dn, Dn, Square